After the Fall is a global long-term project that, at its starting point, begins at the extremities of more than forty cities across fifteen countries.

It directs its gaze to the ongoing environmental struggle taking place on these boundaries, where the urban zoning system begins to blur and unravel. The photographs explore the effects of the conflicts and collisions that are gradually and chaotically reshaping the spaces around us, played out in slow motion with unpredictable, often disturbing results. They prefigure or anticipate change, they are pictures in which change is often either visible or completely within the mind.

This silent hand-over, the transformation of one environment into another, may speak to something deeper within our collective memories: the alteration of places we once knew, an inexorable reminder of the inevitability of time… a farewell to personal Edens.


Born in Malaysia before migrating to Australia, Hin studied computer science and first picked up a camera a few years ago in an attempt to get over a girl. It worked and things just seemed to progress from there.

His favourite things in life include the mid-60s John Coltrane quartet, Akira Kurosawa movies and Spanish hot chocolate.

Hin has received awards in competitions such as Magenta’s Flash Forward and Blurb’s Photography Book Now. His work has been show all over the world, most recently in a solo show at La Petite Poule Noire Gallery in Paris. Between trips to strange and unfamiliar locations throughout the world, he lives and works in London.