Darkness is an endless source of myths and legends common to evey culture. The mysteries of darkness from the basis of a worldwide mystical heritage that is falling into oblivion.

Once upon a time in Galicia was the End of the World.

Almost surrounded by sea, was the first piece of land where the Atlantic Ocean transforms into impressive natural scenarios. These natural landscapes hide millions of stories. Its isolation and the way it is oriented, facing west to the mysterious ocean, made Galicia the perfect landscape for the creation of myths. These legends are normally connected to natural spaces and starred by supernatural beings.

Since the Middle Ages, countless pilgrims have walked a long way across Europe to reach this piece of land where myth and reality hold hands since the dawn of time.

Rural, abandoned and dark, Galicia never lost its power to evoke countless stories that determined deeply its identity. Myths are universal; they exist in all the cultures and the best way to understand them is going back to their source.

Finis Terre will drive you through a magical trip across the landscapes that created Galician legends. All along this journey you will meet spirits and or other beings hidden in nature. This is an invitation to imagine, feel and experience the myths that have conditioned the character of this land.

Myths represent an essential part of the history and the identity of any culture. However, in Galicia, myth is part of reality.


Marta Moreiras (Santiago de Compostela, 1981) is a photographer living between London and Compostela.

Her personal projects are somewhere in-between documentary and fine art, bordering on the lines of fiction & reality.

She believes in photography as an exceptional tool for communication with an endless power of evocation.

After studying Media and Philosophy in Madrid, she moved to Barcelona, where she started to collaborate with different NGO's

focused on medical and educational programs, documenting their activity in several countries such as Senegal, India or Gabon amongst others.

In 2009 she moved to London to complete a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication.

London is a turning point in her career as a photographer, where she finds through collaboration with other photographers and artists the best path for her creations.

She gets involved in collective projects where her inspiration and perspective gets reinforced by the team. From now on working as part of a team becomes an essential.